Summer jewelry pieces that can work with any outfit

When it comes to summer jewelry, summer demands jewelry that adds lightness, playfulness and elegance to any outfit. This includes choosing day and night wear. While every new season brings new trends, there are always some jewelry and styles that never go out of style. For example, lovers of whimsical style can appreciate pieces featuring baroque pearls, pendants and popular colored pearls. For those who like edgy looks, statement earrings, chain necklaces and statement rings are the right choice. The minimalist jewelry trend is still going strong, so one option for creating an unforgettable impression is a minimalist necklace.

All in all, this summer has something for everyone. But the question that always remains is how does jewelry go with any or almost any outfit? Here are some jewelry styling suggestions to make this summer dress even more fun and interesting.

Minimalist ring

For a long time, minimalist rings were reserved only for those who stayed true to the style from the start. Fashion ruled at the time: you either loved it or you didn't. But today, minimalist rings have the power to add a necessary, and sometimes necessary, dose of sophistication to a summer look. Think of it as a work that is itself a statement. Same as brooches. Even one minimalist ring is enough for an entire outfit.


Earmuffs can take the jewelry game to a whole new level. It's a jewelry style that's also making a strong comeback. Paired with gold earmuffs it's a stunning height. Whether it's for work or a casual outing, the gold ear tips are so cool that you can easily stack multiple ear clips together.

Pearls and Pearl Necklaces

The mix of pearls and pearls takes us straight back to childhood. This summer, however, the colorful options of these necklaces add a subtle but very appealing pop of color to outfits.

Silver necklace with pendant

The silver pendant necklace is a statement-making classic that can be worn year-round. This silver pendant necklace will look great whether you pair it with beachwear or use it as everyday jewelry.

Body chain

Influencers and fashionistas are already pinning their hopes on this great jewelry trend. Body chains are a must-have for this summer's jewelry trend. They are extra stylish with bikinis to make them look even sexier.

Colorful anklet

A stylish anklet is a must for any summer, and it's a great complement to sandals and flip flops. It makes a great statement whether you're wearing it around town or at the beach.