How to keep bleached hair healthy?

Bleaching is one of the easiest ways to remove pigment from hair. This is also the most common way to make a drastic change in hair color. This is an option for anyone who wants to be or be blonde. But one thing about bleach is that it can damage hair, and it comes at a price for those who want to keep their hair as healthy as possible. According to hair experts, bleach has the highest pH. It usually doesn't fix itself. Because of this, it can leave hair damaged, limited and prone to breakage on weekends. But that doesn't necessarily mean bleach is bad. It's all about keeping bleached hair healthy and using these ingredients wisely.

As a process, bleaching is a whitening process that removes pigment from the hair. It can be applied in many ways. It can be insulated with foil or hand painted for a highlight effect. Another possibility is that it can be applied anywhere as a bleach and tint. Because it's strong, it can cause heat, breakage and thinning, as well as strip moisture from the hair.

What makes bleached hair prone to damage?

The moment you apply bleach, your hair goes through a process that starts with an alkaline agent. It opens the hair cuticle. This is followed by an oxidizing agent, which penetrates into the hair cortex. It dissolves the hair's melanin, which is the hair's natural color. The longer the bleach stays on, the more blond your hair will turn out. A side effect of this process is the swelling of the cuticle and the breakdown of melanin, which changes the texture of the strands. This changes the porosity and elasticity of the hair. All of these require special hair care.

How do I care for bleached hair?

The best way to take care of bleached hair is to take all the necessary steps, such as:

Leave it to the hair expert

Never bleach at home. Leave it to the pros who know how to do this without damaging your hair. For grooming, do a root bleach every 12 weeks and 6 months for balayage. Condition every 4 to 6 weeks to maintain shine and shine.

Moisturize it

Bleached hair is instantly devoid of moisture and moisture. Therefore, you need to use a deep penetrating oil, such as coconut oil or argan oil, to repair your hair from the inside. Invest in a good hair mask too.

Use purple shampoo

To care for blond hair or highlights, it's best to use purple shampoo. This will prevent the bleach from looking brassy and neutralize the orange hue.

Shampoo less

To prevent fading, you need to wash them less often. If you wash it every day, you will strip it of its natural oils and the color will fade faster. So try not to wash every day, but every other day.