How to grow out your nails?

Nails, like hair, are very fragile and hard to grow. Every woman loves long nails, if not long, then at least strong, the length can make the hands look more beautiful and beautiful. Every nail length has beauty, but for a great manicure, you should at least let your nails grow out a little. According to nail experts, there are three common problems that prevent healthy nail growth. Chemicals, gel peeling and inadvertent manicures dominate and affect nail growth. Additionally, nail growth can be affected by some medications, medical conditions and even lifestyle. Although medical issues are beyond our control, lifestyle habits like wearing gloves while gardening or doing dishes can help improve nail condition. Hand care is also important; the use of nourishing oils, scrubs and creams should be incorporated into your daily hand routine.

So if you've been wondering what you're doing wrong, or what's the best way to grow your nails, here are some helpful tips and advice to help you.

Protect your hands

With the pandemic and overwashing and overdisinfection, you've seen firsthand what happens to your hands and nails. Almost behind us, protecting our hands goes a long way in helping to grow strong and beautiful nails. Using harsh chemicals directly on the skin and nails can cause dry, brittle and damaged nails. Always wear gloves to protect your hands if you frequently come into contact with these cleaners and chemicals.

Skip harsh soaps and cleansers

Dry hands can also affect the condition of your nails. It can be done by simply washing your hands every day. So choose a surfactant-free wash instead of harsh soaps or hand sanitizers. These products are gentle and gentle on the skin, nails and cuticles.

Use hand sanitizer

A hand scrub is essential for a great hand procedure. And not just any peeling, facial peeling can also have an excellent effect on the hands. Use it on your hands once or twice a week and you will see the changes for yourself.

Don't forget the hand cream

As mentioned above, washing your hands can dry out your hands. Therefore, nourishing hand cream can prevent dandruff and cracks on hands and nails. A good hand cream helps keep hands and nails healthy and youthful.

Cover the stratum corneum

Taking care of the skin around the nails is just as important as the nails themselves, so investing in a cuticle product like balm or oil for this purpose will make your skin and nails tougher. Even dry skin becomes softer and smoother.