Galaxy nail trend

The temperature is already high, which immediately means it's a good time to get a new manicure and manicure. Bright colors are the ones that capture the energy of summer. As for manicures, stickers, negative space, swirls, and more are great when you're ready to hit the beach. Whether it's stickers or hand-painted, applying manicures on your nails is just a fun and interesting option to add more character and originality to your manicure.

If you follow some trends on Instagram, it's important to mention that Y2K fashion is still very dominant, and this carries over to the nails as well. These styles include space nail polishes and faceted glitter, cosmic colors and more.

For everyone looking for new and fun summer manicure inspiration, here we have some of the best suggestions, including the biggest trend - galactic manicures.

Galaxy nails

Galaxy-inspired manicures are one of the biggest nail trends this summer. The most sought-after and coveted is the full-coverage translucent purple shade. They are covered with silver or gold shimmer. This type of mani is also known as a coated candy mani. For the best galaxy manicure, use a small nail brush so you can perfect the abstract shapes.

Alternative French Manicure

Alternatives to French manicures have been around for a while now. Color tips are one of the funniest nail art trends this summer. Choices and options are very diverse. Whether you choose bright, pastel, or sparkly tips, they offer a modern twist on a classic French manicure.

Upside down french

Another French mani option to try this summer is the reverse version of French. It looks like a crescent nail. Nail polish and color are on the underside of the nails. Here's a new and really fun way to try this summer.

Pastel tones

When it comes to pastel shades, they're the best for nail art this season. So instead of choosing bold and bold colors for hearts, plaids and stars, pastels are all the rage right now. They contrast nicely with strong color bases. Plus, they offer a minimalist nail look for those who want something new but unusual.

Millennium bug butterfly

As mentioned above, the Y2K trend is inevitable. On the nail art scene this summer, try the Millennium Bug Butterfly. They are the most wanted summer nail art designs. This art can be easily achieved with stickers. Find the ones you like and simply fix them with a clear top coat.

Give your manicure a totally different vibe this summer with these summer nail art designs.