5 summer fragrances to try right now

Summer always creates a desire to switch our fragrances for fresher, lighter fragrances. While each of us already knows which notes and scents we like, summer always suggests going in a slightly different direction. Flowers, fruits and aquatic tones are always a good idea as they bring a lot of freshness on a hot summer day.

With summer in the air, finding the right fragrance for you is all about matching your current attitude. Rose and woody base notes are the most famous and popular among spring fragrances. This summer is all about getting back to the sense of smell. That means something light, airy and refreshing. The first scents that come to mind are crisp linens, beach scents, tropical plants and many other summer scents that will instantly transport you to the beach or a lovely rooftop for a cocktail.

As mentioned above, changing odor characteristics is not seasonally required. But it's always great and fun to make a change like this. There's no point in wearing spicy and strong scents in summer when there are plenty of citrus and fresh scents. So, for those who need inspiration for summer fragrances, here is a list of the top 5 must-haves and great options.

1. Maison Margiela - Rebuilt Beach Walk

If the beach and summer vacations are too far away for you, you can enjoy the scent with the Replica Beach Walk. The fragrance is enriched with bergamot, heliotrope and coconut milk. All of these take you to an exotic beach or seaside.

2. Armani Beauty - My Way Floral

One of the best fragrances to hit the market recently is My way Floral. This is a fragrance focused on green mandarin and orange blossom. It's heavy and serious. The unique blend of neroli base and vanilla creates an unforgettable scent.

3. Elizabeth Arden – Green Tea Lychee Lime

Elizabeth Arden never disappoints when it comes to fresh fragrances. Try juicy lychees this summer. This is a distinctly summery scent that is full of delicious fruity aromas.

4. Louis Vuitton – On the Beach

Another scent that's perfect for triggering a beach vibe is LV's On the Beach. Its base note is yuzu fruit. With it comes plenty of citrus, orange blossom, thyme, rosemary, pink pepper, cloves and cypress. This is alien stuff.

5. Tom Ford-Soleil Brulant

Translated into German, the name of the fragrance is Burning Sun. It is a sultry fragrance that is perfect for hot summer nights. The notes dominating this wonderful scent are orange blossom, dark honey and spicy amber with lots of light citrus notes.