The Ultimate Gender-Neutral Nursery Themes

There are many things to consider when having a baby, but the design of the children's room is undoubtedly the most exciting.

Parents are moving away from bright colors in favor of neutral patterns and quirky wall stickers. Thanks to its neutrality, this modern trend allows you to keep your current children's room for multiple children.

Making the nursery a sanctuary is important for your newborn, but it is also important for you. You'll be spending a lot of time there before long, so it has the added benefit of pastel and neutral colors that are peaceful and soothing.

If you're looking for gender-neutral kindergarten themed ideas, these trends will get your brain pumping in no time:

1.     Dreamy Nights: Many whites with black accents have a modern twist. White creates an open space, complemented by natural wood throughout. Pops of diffuse black can give a fresh feel.

2.     In the Woods: Focus on soft wood textures and seagrass colors and mix with white to make a room feel calm and peaceful, perfect for a neutral nursery.

3.     MULTIPLE PATTERNS: Using black and white patterns on rugs, floor or wall stickers can add a real modern touch to your room. For example, adding a pop of color to a bed sheet or blanket can create a feature that takes it to the next level.

4.     Woven textures and greenery: Keeping on the trend of natural wood, woven textures and white spaces, why not add animals and greenery to elevate this tranquil nursery theme.

5.     Woodland animals: Adding woodland animals as a feature can add a cozy feel to your child's room and create a neutral vibe. Adding images and objects of foxes, deer and other woodland creatures can create a whimsical feel. Why not go a step further and get a pine or forest wall decal.

6.     Green: Adding a dark green teal to a nursery with white furniture adds depth to a neutral nursery. The color is really crisp white.

7.     Eclectic: Using large white and black patterns on the walls and adding vibrant colors throughout the room can create a whimsical feel that breathes life into the space. Fill your nursery with eclectic knickknacks to add a whimsical touch to a neutral nursery.

8.     Pops of color: Using soft pastels on the walls, like mint and a colorful crib, can be a great look for a neutral kids room. Just because it's neutral doesn't mean you have to be afraid of using saturated colors.

9.     It's in the lines: If you're looking for a modern vibe, using shades of gray and white is a great neutral color scheme. It's fresh and inviting, and you can decorate it with a muted grey pattern wherever you go.

10. Decals: Arranging different wall decals for different walls in a child's room can create a nice look. Stick with black and white, but accentuate one wall with a color of your choice, such as green, to keep it modern. In this case, the pattern doesn't have to be the same on every wall.

Clean neutrals with accents are on trend right now, creating a calm and serene nursery. Boho lines and accents add energy to a neutral space without making things seem too busy. Start simple and add depth with pops of color and texture to complete the look.

Creating a theme for your child's room is a uniquely personal experience. It should reflect you and your baby, and it doesn't have to be fancy. Completing your child's room for your joy should be exciting, not overwhelming, so take a deep breath and do one thing every day. Before you know it, you've completed the perfect neutral nursery for your baby.