The Diaper Bag Essentials That Will Have You Winning at Parenthood

Having a diaper bag packed and organized can mean the difference between a well-planned and smooth day trip and a complete mess. There's nothing worse than being unprepared and falling off the wheel on the day you've been waiting for.

Keeping your diaper bag well stocked and ready to use can give you peace of mind and earn parenthood. But how do you know what to pack if you don't pack the whole nursery?

When you're a first-time parent, packing a diaper bag can feel overwhelming and unsafe. It can be daunting to try and consider every possible scenario, so making a list to check is a good place to start.

As a new mom, this bag will be your best friend, so we've compiled a list of essentials to add to your diaper bag for maximum convenience:

• Diapers and wipes. that goes without saying.

• Portable changing pads. These are handy when you're in a public bathroom and don't want to put your baby on a cold or unsanitary surface.

• Poop bags. They come in handy when you can't find a baby pail to put them in.

• Diaper cream. This will be your lifesaver when your baby develops a rash.

• A spare bodysuit or set of clothing.

• Soft blankets.

• Swaddling.

• Burp cloth.

• An extra teething ring or pacifier.

• Baby toys.

• A large enough baby snack or bottle.

• Seasonal accessories. Wear a hat in summer and gloves in winter.

• Everything you need to breastfeed or express in public (eg nursing shields, nursing pads, portable breast pumps).

• Medicines. There's nothing worse than having your baby teething or feeling sick and you don't have medicine to ease his pain.

• Extra shirt for you.

• Vaginal pads. The last thing you want is to be surprised.

• Hand sanitizer.

• lip balm.

• earphone.

• Telephone.

• charger.

• Sunglasses.

•     wallet.

• First aid kit.

Why carry a wallet with you when you have the ultimate diaper bag? Just store your handbag accessories in your diaper bag and you're ready to go.

The next step is knowing how to pack and organize your bag. Make sure you:

• Keep it clean. When you get home from your next trip, take out all the trash and refill your bag. You may not like it, but your future self will thank you.

• Update your seasonal items as needed.

Sort your diaper bag so you know where everything is. Throwing everything in the main area means you take everything out to find something, who has the time?

• Although many diaper bags have specially designed and segregated areas for bottles and other liquids, make sure all items are secured before placing them in the bag.

When packing a diaper bag, make sure to pack only the essentials. Breast milk and snacks should be packed during the day, while diapers and ointments can stay in the bag at all times. A separate stock of household ointments, etc., and one for pockets will make life easier during this time.

No matter how full your diaper bag is, you can't predict every situation. But at least you'll be ready to have your diaper bag ready.