How To Keep Your Children Busy While You Work?

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"A large portion of the world is now working from home, and everyone is thinking, 'How can I get my job done?' Read on to learn more."

Keeping kids productive can be harder with kids involved. Parenting is all about experimentation. Here are some ideas to try and get the ball rolling at home.

Open movie

Turning on your child's favorite movie or TV show will keep them focused for at least an hour. Several studies show why children's screen use should be restricted. However, an hour or two a day is a good break from parental responsibilities and shouldn't hurt, especially now that there are digital media educational alternatives. Your child can learn while having fun.

For semi-autonomous children who can operate the TV on their own, parental controls are easily activated, allowing you to regulate the material they are exposed to while maintaining your peace of mind. They can even turn off the sound so they have to read the subtitles. This will encourage them to read more and broaden their horizons.

If you don't already have them, the various streaming options are cheap and give you access to a ton of great content aimed at kids.

Set up an art project

It will almost certainly be a messy cleanup, but a creative painting activity can keep kids entertained for hours. Cover anything expensive with newspaper or plastic, grab paint, and let your child create the most vivid picture possible. Play-Doh and Lego bricks are less catastrophic but equally messy alternatives that can be built and dismantled. It would be ideal if you could free up a space in your home for creative work. This will help kids sort through.

Coloring books are a good compromise until your child draws the lines and draws the walls and furniture. If this is the case, take the art project outside as it will be easier to clean up. Sidewalk chalk is a great alternative for bright, sunny days.

Play outside

Speaking of the outdoors, playing outside is a wonderful and healthy activity for kids. While we don't recommend doing it without close supervision, one of the best forms of children's entertainment is nature. Pick a work project you can do on your laptop and take it outside to work while the kids play. Having them in your peripheral vision and listening for emergency calls will keep them protected and occupied while you focus on your task.

It's also a healthier option than the aforementioned TV distractions. Outdoor exercise has been proven to help with physical, intellectual and social development.

In the summer, a simple sprinkler can keep you entertained all afternoon. Or, just help them organize a water polo fight, as long as it's clear they won't be attacked. There are so many water features that can be planned that the whole day can be filled with excitement.