8 Reasons Why Second Babies Are Easier

If you're thinking about having a second child, you already know the changes parenting brings. Lack of sleep is the norm, you rarely drink hot coffee, and you forget what day it is.

So how hard would it be to add another bunch of joy to the mix? Thoughts on this are mixed, but one thing's for sure: they'll push it even more, and every tiny transition and stage they go through doesn't bring as much anxiety. You've seen this all before, and you know the difference between an overstimulated and overtired baby and a baby with gas.

The relief of tension is enough to make this major shift in family dynamics a little easier. If you're still feeling overwhelmed by the idea of having 2 kids, it might be easier to go from one to two, here are some other reasons:

1. You know what you are doing and the stage. Those early stages were tough for your firstborn, but now you've learned a thing or two and understand that everything is a stage. Problem solving becomes faster, and you let go of the extra anxiety you felt during your firstborn.

2. You provide second hands. This is very handy if you need diapers but are breastfeeding. Your firstborn can often skip what you need, which can be a lifesaver early in your recovery from childbirth.

3. They talk to each other. As they get older, you'll find that they may start playing together rather than requiring you to be in every game. Who knows, if you're lucky, you might even get a hot cup of coffee.

4. Car travel is easier. You may start to notice fewer complaints when two people are behind. It's not a guarantee, but they can usually entertain each other instead of annoying each other.

5. They are generally better eaters. While we don't want our kids to compete with each other over who eats the most vegetables, let them go. What one eats, the other often eats too.

6. The baby book is not finished yet. yes. That beautiful baby book you got at the baby shower is still untouched. It's a nice gesture, but let's face it, it's the last thing you want to do when you're in a mess.

7. You will agree to fuel it. While your first child will need daily cloth diapers and healthy meal prep, your second child may be very different. At this stage, it's about not spitting after the 5th jersey change. They'll suddenly find that making sure they're fed, dry, and...alive is enough to make ends meet.

8. Even if you feel like a failure, you still enjoy being a mom. One day you will feel like you can make things better, but let it be. At the end of the day, your baby will grow up knowing that they are loved and not remember the days when you thought you were a failure.

When you start out as a mom of 2, you'll soon find that being the "perfect" mom is a throwaway. No child will look back and say, "My mom was so perfect when I was a kid," so why put so much pressure on yourself? Be a mess, embrace a messy family, and live in the moment. This time around, you'll likely have a better idea of how quickly the time flies, so enjoy it. Memories of small moments are more important than whether you have a clean house or whether you have your makeup done.